Life is way too short to not fill it with the things that make you happy… all things fitness and travel are what make me happy.

A few years ago I discovered my true passion in life: fitness. I have always loved working out but it wasn’t until about two years ago that I really committed to hitting the gym and expanding my knowledge on how to live a healthier life. Hours of research and taking classes has helped me to gain an abundance of knowledge that has allowed me to change my body/life significantly. Not only have I made improvements in my physique through lifting and eating habits, but I have also learned how to better my mental health and become an all around better person. I have received many questions from people related to health and fitness, so I decided to start sharing what I know through my posts. I hope to educate and inspire more and more people how to live the healthiest and happiest lives that they can!

Along with fitness I have a vast love for traveling. Ever since I was little when someone asked me what is one thing that I wanted to do before I died, I always answered that it was to “travel the world.” I’ve always been up for a last minute adventure or trip just to get away and see/experience new things. Every year I go on different trips to explore a little more of this amazing world. Nothing makes me feel more alive than seeing new sights and experiencing new places. Traveling to me is like a breath of fresh air, I feel rejuvenated and determined to get back to working on my goals after my trip is over. Exploring this world helps to make life a little more exciting and helps to show how small ones problems really are in a world that is so big. Sharing my adventures with you will hopefully give you an idea of where to travel to next and what fun things to do while there.